Direct line: 708.459.4192

Purchasing Agent and CCO (Chief Cat Officer)

Employed at Midco since 2011.

Spare time Hobbies:

  • Gardening…….my balcony is filled with flower pots and hanging baskets every year.
  • Love feeding and watching the hummingbirds out there as well. I actually had one sit on my finger…………true story!
  • Huge animal lover. The many pets over my lifetime have been dogs, cats, a bunny, guinea pigs, gerbils, birds and fish.
  • Have an art background…….drawing, painting, crafts. I can make one killer Christmas bow.
  • Love my sports……..I’m an avid Blackhawks fan and Nascar fan. I also watch Da Bears and the White Sox. Good guys wear black!
  • Always like pulling a good prank. One of my memories was when we completely covered my co-workers desk/cube in tin foil while she was on vacation. Heehee. I did have help…. *cough*Tony*cough.*


  • My favorite bands are old school…….. Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, and INXS. But I do like a lot of different kinds of rock, from Deep Purple to Soundgarden, from hair bands to alternative.


  • Love my pepperoni pizza, and Mexican food.


  • “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”